College of Business Admission Interviews for 2017 Intake of HKDSE Applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who will be invited to the Admission Interviews organized by the College of Business?
    JUPAS HKDSE applicants will be invited to the interview according to their band choices.
    (JS1003: invite band A applicants only)

  2. If I am invited to the interview but not able to come, can I request for another time for the interview?
    Each applicant will be asked to sign up for the interview from the timeslots provided. If you are not able to come within the assigned timeslots, no alternative arrangements will be provided.

  3. I have already selected the interview time but would like to change afterwards. What should I do?
    Due to limited places, once you have confirmed the interview time, no subsequent change would be entertained.

  4. Will I still be considered for admission if I were absent from the interview?
    No marks will be deducted from the admission score if you did not attend the admission interview. However, your priority may be lower than other HKDSE applicants who have attended the interview.

  5. Will I get higher chance for admission if I attend the interview?
    In addition to the JUPAS admission score, the interview results will be considered for admission.

  6. What do I need to do on the interview day and how long will it take?
    You will be required to attend an information talk and an interview. The whole process will last for 2 to 3 hours.
    (JS1003: no information talk will be arranged, however good understanding of the programme and the related career would definitely help the interviewee's performance during interview. The whole process will last for around 30 minutes.)

  7. What language will be used in the interview?
    The interview will be conducted in English.
    (JS1002: the interview will be conducted in English and Chinese)

  8. What is the format of the interview, group or individual interview?
    The interview will consist of both individual presentation and group discussion. The whole interview will last for around 35-60 minutes depending on your chosen programme.
    For the individual presentation, each applicant will be given 90 seconds for self-introduction and anything else he/she would like to talk about.
    For the group discussion, a discussion topic will be given at the beginning of the interview. You can feel free to state your views on the issue. The discussion topic may be related to current news, public affairs and social issues.
    (JS1002: the self-introduction will be 1 minute)
    (JS1003: a group discussion with Q&A for 30 minutes, no self-introduction is needed.)

  9. Do I need to attend a written test before the interview?
    No written test is required.

  10. What do I need to bring with me on the interview day?
    Please bring the following documents with you for the admission interview:
    - HKID card
    - Confirmation slip of the interview time

  11. What should I prepare for the interview?
    You can bring your own tools to help you make your self-introduction, e.g. photos, etc. You can also jot notes during the group discussion. You are not allowed to use electronic devices in the interview room. NO photo taking NOR recording is allowed.
    Please DO NOT bring any certificates or CV to the interview.

  12. What is the dress code for the interview?
    The dress code for the interview is formal.
    (JS1000 & JS1001: Smart Casual)

  13. Will the interview result be announced?
    The interview result will not be announced. However, it will be used for assessment of applications.